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How to check for counterfeit medicines?

Checking for counterfeit medicines requires a combination of vigilance, careful inspection, and verification. Here are steps you can take to check for counterfeit medicines:

  • Verify the Source
    • Verify the manufacturer’s website whenever you can
    • Consult a Healthcare Professional whenever a medicine is prescribed to you, and discuss its appearance and packaging if you have any doubts. 
  • Examine Packaging
    • Look for irregularities in the packaging, such as misspellings, faded colors, and poor print quality.
    • Check for holograms, security seals, or unique markings that should be present on genuine packaging.
  • Compare with Authentic Samples
    • If you have access to an authentic sample, compare the appearance, size, color, and packaging details with the medicine you have.
  • Check Barcodes and Serial Numbers
    • Verify barcodes and serial numbers on the packaging by scanning them with a smartphone or checking with the manufacturer’s official website.
  • Research the Manufacturer
    • Look up the manufacturer’s name, logo, and contact information. Compare it with the official information provided by the manufacturer.
  • Check Regulatory Approval
    • Verify if the medicine has been approved by the relevant regulatory agency in your country. Genuine medicines should have the necessary approvals.
  • Observe the Medicine’s Appearance
    • Check for any unusual odor, color variations, or texture differences that could indicate a counterfeit product.
  • Be Cautious with Online Purchases
    • If buying online, ensure the website is a licensed online pharmacy and follows legal regulations. Verify that it has a physical address and contact details.
  • Use Mobile Apps and Tools
    • Some organizations offer mobile apps that allow you to verify the authenticity of medicines by scanning barcodes or entering serial numbers.
  • Educate Yourself Regularly
    • Stay updated on the latest trends in counterfeit medicines and the methods used by counterfeiters. This knowledge can help you identify potential risks.

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