How to check counterfeit medicine

How to report counterfeit medicines?

Reporting counterfeit medicines is important to protect public health and prevent the spread of harmful and ineffective products. Here’s how you can report counterfeit medicines:

Contact Regulatory Authorities

  • In most countries, there are regulatory authorities responsible for overseeing the safety and quality of medicines. 
  • These agencies might have dedicated hotlines or online forms to report counterfeit medicines. 

Use MedWatch or Similar Programs

  • In the United States, you can report counterfeit medicines through the FDA’s MedWatch program. 
  • Check any program like MedWatch program in your country.
  • This program allows consumers and healthcare professionals to report adverse events and product complaints related to medicines.

Contact Law Enforcement

  • If you come across counterfeit medicines, you can also report them to your local law enforcement agency. 
  • They can investigate and take appropriate action against counterfeiters.

Report to Pharmaceutical Companies

  • You can also report counterfeit medicines directly to the pharmaceutical company that produces the genuine version of the medicine. 
  • They might have mechanisms in place to collect information on counterfeit products.

Use International Reporting Platforms

  • Organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) have platforms and programs to report counterfeit medicines on a global scale.

Report to Online Marketplaces

  • If you encounter counterfeit medicines while shopping online, report the issue to the platform or website where you made the purchase. 
  • They may act against the seller and remove the listing.

Provide Detailed Information:

  • When reporting counterfeit medicines, provide as much information as possible, including.
  • Description of the medicine and packaging
  • Name and contact details of the seller or source
  • Location where the product was purchased.
  • Any relevant serial numbers, barcodes, or markings on the packaging

Preserve Evidence

  • If possible, keep the counterfeit product, packaging, and any related documentation as evidence. 
  • This could be useful for investigations.

Stay Informed:

Stay updated on the progress of the investigation or any actions taken by the regulatory authorities or law enforcement.

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